Pastor Bill & Kay Konstantopoulos

Bill was born in Greece and raised in a family of six, born March 16, 1938. At the age of 15, he came to know the Lord through reading the New Testament and at the age of 17, he felt his call to the ministry, and witnessed the salvation of most members of his family. His first mentor in the ministry was Nick Zazanis, missionary to Greece. While in Greece, he served as Youth leader, the publication of the Gospel Trumpet in Greek and as a minister of visitation. Also, he served two years in the Greek Army. 

Bill is married to the former Leona Kay Matney from Lorain, Ohio. Kay is a graduate of East Tennessee State University in nursing. She has studied at Asbury College, Virginia Highlands Community College, and Emery College of Elementary Education and Music. She has been involved extensively in the life of the church in music, children's education and missions. She is bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and has traveled extensively.

The Konstantopoulos' have three children, Jonathan, David, and Daniel and three grandchildren, Sam, Anna and Cooper.

The Konstantopoulos' have a love for the church of God Movement, possess a keen interest in missions and keep in touch with the work of the church in many parts around the world. Both their spirit and attitude identify them as world Christians.